High Pressure Electric Pump HD-E

For setting bolts in ceilings of tunnels and mines

Available in the 14 liter of water per minute or 21 liter of water per minute at up to 300 bar model. This excellent equipment is a guarantee for a long-life cycle and low maintenance high pressure system. Setting-times of 4m MIDI-bolts are approx. 25 sec using the HD-E 300/14 and approx. 15 sec using the HD-E 300/21 by usage of the specific accessories (setting pistol, setting lance, setting head). Due to the high pressure and high volume of water the HD-E is also suitable for intensive cleaning purposes, e.g. at tunnelling rings. On demand the pump can also be delivered on wheels and with a fixed hose rewinder. Please talk to us. We would be pleased to quote you.

Characteristics and Construction of the High Pressure Electric Pump HD-E

  • extremely robust, constructed on a stainless steel frame and covered by a stainless steel plate
  • High Powerful: with 11 kW input power and 21 ltr. water per minute at up to 300 bar (HD-E 300/21)
  • High Powerful: with 7,5 kW input power and 14 ltr. water per minute at up to 300 bar (HD-E 300/14)
  • Low maintenance and simple constructed setup
  • Service can almost completely be done by the customer by using spare part KITS. These are identical for hydraulic (HD-H) and electric (HD-E) pumps which are equal in volume. This simplifies and standardizes the spares inventory.
  • User friendly
  • Equipped with automatic turn off and approx. 15 sec of follow up circulation
  • Lack of water safety device
  • 350bar over pressure safety valve
  • thermal pill in the motor
  • Big 60µ water filter
  • The pump elements are equipped with ceramic pistons and double sealings
  • The crank shaft is forged and lubricated within an oil bath.
  • The parts of the check valve which are in danger of wearout are manufactured from high-strength stainless steel, the valve block consists of forged brass.
  • As a matter of course the high pressure pump HD-E is conform to the EG-guidelines of machines, the guidelines for fluid emitters, the guidelines for accident prevention regulations of the professional associations, the IEC-/EN and VDE-regulations and the the CE-Norm.

Geometrical Data HD-E

HD-E 300/21 and HD-E 300/14

HD-E 300/14

Technical data

HD-E 300/21 and HD-E 300/14
# HD-E 300/21 HD-E 300/14
1 maximum output 21 l/min 14 l/min
2 maximum output 1.260 l/h 840 l/h
3 max. operating pressure 320 bar 320 bar
4 max. working pressure 300 bar 300 bar
5 normal voltage 3~ 400 V 3~ 400 V
6 input power 11 kW 7,5 kW
7 rpm of the pump 1.400 U/min 1.400 U/min
8 current consumption 25 A 16 A
9 approx. dimensions in mm (L x W x H) 800 x 400 x 455 640 x 365 x 500
10 approx. weight 105 kg 81 kg
11 dimension of the nozzle 055 040
12 recoil (force of impact) 85 N 66 N
13 splash proof protection IP 55 IP 55
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